Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I used to think I was pretty popular because I had so many profile views.

After a while I started wondering why none of my many readers ever commented on my blog. Upon posting a new blog I would check back several times a day, waiting for comments. Always there was at least one more visitor, but never any comments. Maybe I intimidate them I thought. I should allow more room for input and dialog.

I tried being more inviting, more controversial. I even included obvious spelling and grammar errors in hopes of baiting a grammar nazi.


I'd try various trolling strategies, manipulative bids for attention, shameless provocations; I pulled off such reaction-seeking stunts that even the local fox news would've blushed.

I knew I must be on to something because the more time i spent on my blog, editing my antics, reading and rereading and refreshing and checking, trolling and speeling; the more visitors I'd get viewing my blog.

Why won't anyone comment? I was disparaged by the most apathetic set of readers ever to browse a blog.

Eventually I realized that one's own traffic is counted amongst the 'visitor views' and that, in fact, I was my only reader.

I guess in a metaphysical sense, extraordinary self-obsession can be qualitatively construed as being 'super popular'.
Hey, Fuck you. I can see what you're thinking. More blubbering projections of judgement underscoring self-absorbed insecurities. Isn't that what it tastes like? Haven't we phased through these years already? I can do this all morning long apparently. It's like nasal congestion that was there all along but you never noticed because it only affected one nostril at a time. I'm not going to cry anymore you baby. I am not. am not. no, you are. I don't care. I don't care. Sticks and Stones.. I don't care. na na na na na.

Do you know me? Do you? does this help? does it? can I? can it? can? baking soda.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I have to write some paragraphs for my BSSM creative writing class.

Assignment #1 - Why do you write?

(disclaimer: the term "man" is used through-out the essay in its figurative, non-gender-specific sense, and purely for its rhetorical aesthetic)

"But what is this urge not only to write, but to publish one's work? Besides the pleasure of being praised, there is the thought of communicating with other souls capable of understanding one's own, and thus of one's work becoming a meeting place for the souls of all men...Living in the minds of others is what is so intoxicating."
-Delacroix, in his Journals.
-Stolen from Kristen's blog, the 'About' section.

Connection is a fundamental facet of human existence. There are few forces stronger than man's urge to enter meaningfully relationship. To know and to be known. For myself, there is no better medium to both express and fulfill this intrinsic need than the written word. My thoughts become my identity, and their lyrical instantiations become expressions of myself, instances of who I am, of the most cherished gift I can offer to either God or man. My writing becomes my worship, a sacrifice of myself in deference to my creator, an open and vulnerable invitation to any who'd deign to know me. I write because I am; because I am with Him, and because I am with you.

Assignment #2 - Write two paragraphs respectively describing desirable and undesirable emotions

Paragraph 1: Exhilarating Anticipation

Red hot blood surges like a ruthless tide, scalding the cheeks and drying the tongue. Lungs shrivel into tightly wound receptacles of expectation. Ears overcome by deafening heartbeats. One throbbing cadence tells enough time to enact an entire lifetime of possibilities. Each rhythmic undulation echoes across vast arrays of unarticulated hopes and horrors. This is an important moment. This is the pulse of life. After this moment... Existence.

Paragraph 2: Melancholy

I feel like I've been here before. This must be where I live. I thought I had moved, but I'm here again. It's like a bad dream that waits for me every morning. Today I labor. Tonight I sleep. Tomorrow will turn out to be Today disguised as the future. But when do I get to cry? But why should I want to cry? But oh I want to cry! Because to cry is to die and death is this dream's only respite. But when do I get to cry? Today I labor and Tonight I sleep.

Being Awesome Instead

I have this condition where I feel sad all the time. I forget what it's called, but I've started taking drugs that are supposed make me feel otherwise. I've had this particular affliction for a while now. As long as I can remember in fact. And from what I've been able to surmise, it has something to do with thinking. Whether its the way that I think, or how often; my contemplation seems to culminate in dejection. Or vice versa.

To be honest I can't say that I mind it all that much. The perpetual gloom facilitates an anomalous sense of identity and self-value. I don't know that I'd even bother with corrective therapy but for some cosmic interdiction in which I became host to the siren notion of achievement. I've since garnered a collection of goals and agendas that somehow nestled themselves deep within the recesses of my egoic fancy.

Thus, upon suspicion that a perennially melancholy existence might not lend itself to the realization of my numerous ambitions, I began a journey to excise my angsty preoccupations and actuate my inner √úbermensch. This blog is supposed to express tribute to that journey, as well as document its progress, but at the moment I seem to be struggling to connect this action with its purpose.

Tonight, inspired by the words and character of Barney Stinson and aided by a delightful concoction of psychotropics, I've taken another step on my journey to self actualization. Though since I started writing this post I seem to have forgotten many of the details and lost sight of the precise nature of this monumental step, I feel like posting these words somehow still instantiates its existence.

Here's to being awesome instead.