Monday, June 18, 2012

Little boy, heed these words: the world is an unscrupulous place.

 Beauty and treachery are two sides of the same coin. Within you has been planted a thirst never meant to be quenched.  If you are to be happy, you must learn to ignore it.  If you are to be great, you must learn to foster and channel it.

I will say that neither is right or wrong.  Do not bother with such meaningless dichotomies until you know how to use them.  They serve only as tools to control the weak and will lead you neither to greatness nor happiness.

I will say that one is more rewarding than the other.  Happiness may always be found by those whom greatness outpaces. But greatness is an impatient guide, and the further you stray from its path the harder it becomes to follow.

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