Saturday, July 24, 2010

ok, more super brief updates:

just recovered from 5 days of strep throat, yay!

still super duper broke, boo!

(theoretically)achieved employment as maintainence staff at bethel, yay!

position is currently on call only, with small chance of calls, boo!

job interview sunday (movie theater), yay!

parents returned from europe today (more people to mooch off of), yay!

There are two new avenues I want to take this blog down:

1. I want to start writing movie reviews. because I've been watching a lot of movies recently and (more) people need to know how I feel about them.

2. Sharing all the fascinating, if completely useless, shit I find on stumble upon. because I feel better about wasting my time on these things if I can tempt other people into joining me.

honestly there are like 18 unposted articles that I have half-written on this blog right now; whenever I manage to develop some self-discipline, both the readers of this blog (myself included) will experience literary rapture.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

gah, still running behind on these, a quick catch up:

Friday night I went to Weaverville with my sister for the 4th weekend. It was pretty weird seeing so many high school acquaintances. After hitting the helena swimming hole I got pretty drunk and apparently got kicked out of both bars (everyone says the bouncers were just being assholes). I remember having fun though. I connected with Anthony Forslen who is apparently some kind of Hollywood big shot now? I woke up in Joelle's car around 730am as she got in and raced over the hill in a desperate attempt to arrive at work on time. She made the normally hour-long drive in 34 minutes, but still ended up losing her shift.

Saturday I recovered. Sunday I also kinda recovered, but more of an emotional recovery. Monday I decided to try coming out of my funk. Today I'm back to whatever state I suppose could be closest to my normal.

Despite the dramatic diversion from my sleeping schedule this weekend, I still feel like its going well. Today I had no problem falling asleep during my naps. I spent the day job hunting, with a an excessive-heat mandated break for swimming. I also returned to my exercise routine, spent some time with the dorns, went grocery shopping, and wrote this blog. Basically I'm just trying to affirm to myself that I'm doing ok. I really need a job.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The regular posts begin (I hope)

I'm writing this more as an act of self discipline than a work of inspiration. I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing and become less dependent upon inspirational impulses and nostalgic whims.

Wednesday night I drove to Weaverville and visited a friend. I was partly conned into attending a pyramid scheme presentation. I say partly because despite directly inquiring as to whether the presentation was indeed a pyramid scheme and receiving a very clear response to the negative, I was completely unsurprised to find myself listening to a very intentionally worded marketing proposal.

Afterwards we went out on the town to two of the only three establishments open in Weaverville after 9pm (The third is oddly a 24 hour CVS drug store). It was my first time in a Weaverville bar. Having long anticipated this moment, I tried to appreciate the ironic novelty of it, but I don't think I did so well. We visited both the Diggins and the New Yorker, met a few friends (and teachers) from high school, and had very stereotypical discussions about girls and sex. Upon my departure we made plans for the 4th of July weekend, which begins this morning and I will try to remember/record.

also, a strange development with my increasingly decrepit mobile device: the particular alarm sound that I have of late been using to wake up from my naps has ceased to sound. That is, every ring/alarm/song/sound in my default repository of tones plays fine except for the one tone that I programmed into all my scheduled naps. I have no idea why one sound, having previously worked great, suddenly fails all together. The funny thing is that I have no idea when the alarm stopped working, every time I woke up before the alarm, I'd turn it off; and every time I woke up after the alarm date, I just assumed that I had slept through it.

oh, and I recently re-watched Boondock Saints and hated it. Well I guess I didn't hate it, but I found myself thinking, 'this really isn't that great of a movie' and I was utterly repulsed by the whole concept of the film. They go around killing people that they think are evil, but they never show one offence done by the supposedly evil men, they just take it all for granted on the word of another 'scumbag' who the audience is suppose to like because he's funny... It's absolutely horrifying. The major offenders referred to are drug dealers and pimps, two activities that I personally don't even think should be illegal (they should be regulated though, more opinion on this later) let alone carry a death penalty. I mean think about what's happening here:

Passionate religious extremists cite holy scripture and immoral behavior as evidence of God's will for them to embark upon a violent holy war against declaimed immoral infidels...

The only difference between the Boondock Saints and Islamic Terrorists is the fake Irish accent.